HTML5 Video Banner

Video is perhaps the most captivating media you can offer on your website. By showing a muted, autoplaying, video banner (yes... each of those attributes), you welcome the visitor into a deeper, richer experience of your content. Visitors connecting more with your content is always a win-win.

Embed Video Banner

This embed video banner feature is great for summarizing or featuring the main page content. Think focused banner videos for e-commerce product pages, valuable portfolio pieces, featured cooking recipes, etc. By providing a video to lead your main content, your offering a "next level" user experience.

Responsive Audio

Play single audio files with ease. Just add your audio file as a RapidWeaver resource, and automatically a sleek, responsive, touch enabled audio player will appear to play your audio file.

Responsive Video

Simply adding embed video link(s) into your site from YouTube, Vimeo, or Viddler, Strata will automatically detect and apply responsive formatting to each video. It couldn't be easier (and faster) to have great looking videos that scale to any screen size.